Who can use Particle solutions?

Everything you need to build and scale dapps and fintech solutions.

Programmers Team

Polyglot coders that have expertise with financial technologies and able to give best practices industry insights to your project.


Outsourcing includes both foreign and domestic contracting by following Particle's methodology and agile development.


We execute the project with a fast and agile cultured team. We understand your priorities and values are and play accordingly.

Natural loving challenge with exclusive experience touch

Our speciality is Solidity and Ruby on Rails web development and it's surrounding ecosystem - that includes cutting edge new technologies -, we are very experienced in delivering all kinds of tech products such as e-commerce, e-learning, social networks, content management systems, processes automation and financial technologies.

Framework agnostic. Front-end and back-end setup, your choice.

Particle has zero dependencies and uses vanilla JavaScript for a few functions with minimal footprint. We can use React, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, different technologies stacks based on clients need.

Ready for production or rapid prototyping

Leave the core team doing the core software and add us to help on new features, extensions, maintenance, in order to meet the required deadlines. We will work within your Agile processes, together with your team. The idea behind a technical assessment is to give you enough information so you understand it's life cycle, productivity levels, quality levels of the software being produced, and recommendation on how to improve.

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We work with clients of all sizes, across all geographies to manage your software locally or remotely, in the data center or in a multi-cloud environment.

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